WHY become a Preferred Channel Partner with SHIELD GUARD ?

SHIELD GUARD – A WHITE LABELLED  Extension of your Team/Brand
SHIELD GUARD – A Cloud-based Cyber Security Platform 24 / 7 / 365.
SHIELD GUARD – Your TECHNICAL SALES & SERVICES Back-Office solutions provider.
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What are the Benefits of becoming a SHIELD GUARD Preferred Channel Partner?

No startup costs or Participation fees

No contracts or Term commitments

Dedicated technical account manager

Aggressive pricing = HIGHER PROFITS for you

Flexible and scalable – ONLY PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE


3 Easy Steps to Provide Cyber Security for Your Clients:


Sign up on our SHIELD GUARD platform and apply for your Preferred Channel Partner account Here.

Choose Products and services

Once approved, select the type of products and services that are within scope, and


It’s that SIMPLE!

NEED MORE HELP? Your Dedicated Technical Account Manager is available to assist. Schedule your consultation call TODAY!

Why become a Channel Partner?

Learn how becoming a Channel Partner will help boost your business and increase sales!


Partnership Integration Ecosystem

In this video you’ll find out how the new security standards will boost your business and increase sales.