Network and Endpoint SecurityNetwork security services are designed to protect internal company infrastructures and their connected devices from unauthorized access, user negligence, and external attacks.Read more
Security Operations CenterSOC monitoring services are 24/7 to manage and co-manage active threats. All call, email, and ticketing responses are completely “white-labeled” as your brand.Read more
Penetration TestingWe’ll perform a penetration test for your clients. Our simple questionnaire process can easily be sent with your company’s branding.Read more
Engineering as a serviceOur team of highly skilled Information Security Engineers, Architects, and Security Analysts identify threats and vulnerabilities in systems and software, then apply their skills to developing and implementing high-tech solutions to defend against hacking, malware and ransomware, insider threats and all types of cybercrime. We service all projects, regardless of size.Read more
Incident Response as a serviceInvolves the monitoring and detection of security events on a computer or computer network, and the execution of proper responses to those events. Remote or on-site support services are provided in all major cities.Read more
vCISO as a ServiceOur CISO’s can provide strategic advisory services at a fraction of the cost to help guide Cyber Security program maturityRead more
Cyber Risk Assessments & Compliance ReportingOur Certified experts will assess your clients Cyber Security programs using the common frameworks such as NIST, ISO27000, HIPAA, PCI,SOC CMMC, and many more. Once gaps have been identified, we’ll work with your clients to remediate those vulnerabilities.Read more
Phishing Simulation and Education AwarenessThe Phish Guard platform offers simulated phishing tests and education for your clients which can be automated for your whole customer base.Read more
Flex FinancingSHIELD GUARD Financial services can provide flexible monthly payments for clients who may not have access to funds up front. We cover projects of all sizes for the services we offer.Read more