Phishing Simulation and Education Awareness

The  Phish Guard platform offers simulated phishing tests and education for your clients which can be automated for your whole customer base.

What We Do

PhishGuard platform training and simulated phishing attacks offer your client’s organization testing and education for the ongoing trends of cyber-attackers. You can assign campaigns, security awareness, e-learning content for learning management, and email plugins so client departments can report suspicious activity and automate responses for phishing attacks.

Do you know the biggest threat to any organization?

Its the user, as phishing is one of the main vectors attackers gain access into organizations with. One way to curb that is through awareness, simulated phishing attacks and training modules lowers the risk of clicking on danger emails that could compromise orginizations of all sizes.


Simplified solution for Phishing Education awareness
Easily deployable across the board
Custom campaigns for all industries and companies

Key Benefits

Competitive straight forward pricing for all service offerings
Simplified processes and features in a central pane of glass
100% “White Label” or brand as PhishGuard


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