Network and Endpoint Security

Network security services are designed to protect internal company infrastructures and their connected devices from unauthorized access, user negligence, and external attacks.

What we do

Our SHIELD GUARD portal offers a suite of products that provide you, our Partners, with a comprehensive assessment of your client’s network architecture and evaluates the security of both internet and intranet connections.  You can then use these results to implement secure network firewalls and other impenetrable protective measures that can be customized for your client’s unique needs.

SHIELD GUARD provides you with an array of tools designed to monitor device inventories and wireless access points while providing up-to-date visibility into the overall security health of the individual devices and your client’s network as a whole.

The SHIELD GUARD team helps you manage and maintain:

Next-Generation Firewalls

Next-Generation AV

Email Security

Intrusion Detection and Prevention 

Web Application Firewall

Endpoint Detection and Response

SIEM and XDR platforms

Disaster and Recovery Services

Web Filtering Content

Application Security

Vulnerability Assessments

Remote Access Zero Trust and VPN

Is your IT team using different tools? Partner are you or your clients using different tools?

We can integrate and manage any and all tools to support you as an extension of your team. We offer centralized platforms to utilize and manage different tools and environments to remain agnostic.


Fully managed network security devices 24 / 7 / 365
Provides cost-effective solutions for tool management
Reduces the overall cost of Network Management

Key Benefits

Provides access to a wide range of tools & technology backed by our decades of experience.
Provides predictable cost-effective solutions.
SHIELD GUARD allows you to “White Label” your solutions and Back Office functions.
Our Engineers are available to support your team and your client in all major cities remotely or on-site as an extended member of your team.