How to Avoid Cyber Threats to Your Small Business

Cybercriminals never take a day of vacation from trying to hack into networks. So, if your IT security services aren’t operating around the clock, then you could be leaving valuable and confidential information at risk of being compromised. This is true no matter how large or small your organization is. Cybercriminals don’t discriminate in this regard and will often work to hack into easy targets. Here are some tips on how to avoid cyber threats to your small business.

Utilize Encryption and Backup Solutions Your company and client information should always have the strongest protection. Without encryption, hackers could potentially access bank information, credit card numbers, and more. Not only could this create a significant financial burden, but the reputational damage caused could be irreparable in the eyes of some customers. Encryption and backup solutions for small business owners are vital. With these solutions in place, a hacker won’t be able to access this confidential information even if they are able to gain access into your network.

Always Update Anti-Virus Software This is one of the most basic tips in the book, but too many business owners still don’t update their anti-virus software enough. Ketan Pema of ARMOUREYE, LLC advises, “If your IT staff is too short-handed to be able to constantly monitor and update this software, then it may be time to consider hiring a managed service provider to do so. These software updates are in place for a reason, and not installing the updates promptly can give cybercriminals just enough of a gap to gain access.”

Restrict Access Many times, your employees are the ones who create the biggest cybersecurity risks. This is not to say they have malicious intent, but negligence is a big factor. Shyam Pema of ARMOUREYE, LLC says, “…it’s important to restrict data access to only the people who need it to do their jobs. All professional managed network services will suggest restricting access as much as possible since it creates less risk.”

Work with A Managed Security Service Provider Possibly the most effective way to avoid cyber threats to your business is to work with a managed security service provider. ARMOUREYE, LLC, a cybersecurity specialized provider; consults, advises and implements these services that work around the clock to monitor your systems and networks, stop cyber-attacks from happening and work continuously in the background to ensure all IT security services are operating properly 24/7/365. Having this peace of mind as a business owner is invaluable and allows you to focus on the other important aspects of your business. The investment made into managed security services is minute compared to the potentially devastating costs and damage to your business if a cyber-attack were to occur.

AmourEye, LLC exists to prevent cyber-attacks from happening, especially to small and mid-size businesses. We understand that businesses of this size may not have the resources or capabilities to protect their organization effectively, so we offer comprehensive IT security services to help them out. Cyber threats are real and imminent every single day, so protection is required around the clock. Be sure to contact us to see how we can help you prevent cyber threats to your small business and give you one less thing to worry about.
SHIELD GUARDMay 27, 2020

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