Flex Financing

SHIELD GUARD Financial services can provide flexible monthly payments for clients who may not have access to funds up front. We cover projects of all sizes for the services we offer.

What we do

SHIELD GUARD Financial Services will offer our Partners financing and funding for large projects to provide you with flexible payment solutions on a yearly or monthly spend basis. Do you need help finding some of your projects, and implementations? With our financing solutions, we help you with flexible payment plans with our financing partners. Any project, be it small or large, we’re here to help. Your client’s security shouldn’t be compromised because of budget limitations. We’re here to help with any of your project funding needs.

Do you need help funding some of your projects, and implementations?


Partners can get funding for any project or service needs

Key Benefits

Flexible payment plans for projects and services.
Provides predictable cost analysis with flexible increases in additional funding as needed.

Is your IT team using different tools? Partner are you or your clients using different tools?

We can integrate and manage any and all tools to support you as an extension of your team. We offer centralized platforms to utilize and manage different tools and environments to remain agnostic.